• Initial Consultation – Comprehensive assessment of diet, nutrition status, and medical history in addition to a weight and BMI analysis. Develop an individualized program to achieve nutrition and weight goals… 60 minutes
  • Follow-up Visits – Monitor progress and evaluate goals…30 minutes


  • Group Seminars
  • Corporate Wellness Lectures

Weight Management

  • Achieve individual weight loss or weight gain goals through balanced eating and customized meal plans without dieting.
  • Understand portion control and meal planning to avoid hunger and maximize energy.
  • Learn to make better food choices when eating out, in the office, on the run, or out of town.

General Health and Preventive Nutrition

  • Optimize nutrition and lifestyle changes for overall health and disease prevention.
  • Learn how to create a balanced, healthful diet within personal food preferences.
  • Understand nutritional facts on food labels to select best food choices.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical nutrition therapy at DKD Nutrition uses nutrition to help manage diseases and various medical conditions through diet and lifestyle changes that are based on current, research-based recommendations. Areas of specialty include:

  • Gastrointestinal Health
    • Management of various gastrointestinal disorders and discomforts, such as lactose intolerance; heartburn; constipation; irritable bowel syndrome; inflammatory bowel disease; ulcers; diverticular disease; liver, pancreatic or gallbladder disease.
    • Promote a healthy GI tract through diet modifications.
    • Learn about the benefits of fiber and probiotics to digestive health.
  • Heart Disease
    • Protect your heart by learning to choose heart-healthy foods, manage your calorie intake, and control your weight.
    • Understand your lipid profile (such as total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglyceride levels) and learn how to modify your diet to help improve your numbers.
    • Manage high blood pressure with diet and lifestyle changes.
  • Oncology
    • Preventive nutrition aimed at helping to reduce risk of cancer, especially for individuals with family history of cancer.
    • Nutrition support for individuals diagnosed with cancer, including diet changes to help control side effects of treatment and ensure optimal intake of nutrients.
    • Weight management goals for cancer prevention and during cancer treatment.

Pediatric and Adolescent Nutrition

  • Promote healthy nutrition for kids starting in infancy lasting through adolescence to support growth and development.
  • Assist with developing healthy eating habits and learning to choose nutritious foods and snacks.
  • Nutrition education for children who are overweight, picky eaters, failing to thrive, or diagnosed with food allergies.

Pre- and Post-Natal Nutrition

  • Optimize nutrition and weight during all trimesters of pregnancy and during lactation.
  • Manage common pregnancy discomforts, such as nausea and heartburn.
  • Understand breastfeeding and infant formulas available as alternatives for feeding your baby.
  • Assist with healthy post-natal weight loss.